Our years of experience in Midbrain Activation Training and researching Human Energy, has helped us deliver amazing results all around. We train the  brain to enhance its capacity which results to Maximise Brain Power, Enhance Memory, Increase Concentration, Better Emotion Managment, Higher  Confidence and much more. We have developed our proprietary music and use unique techniques to ensure that enhanced capabilies are effective for  lifetime.  Midbrain Activation - Midbrain, is a small area of the brain which is the processing hub for the sensory information received by way of audio, visual,  touch, taste and smell. Every child is born with a fully functional and activated Midbrain, owing to which the child recognises the parents touch even when  asleep. A child up till the age of 4 years is able to grasp more easily and learns just by observing. Post the age of 4 years the Midbrain waves and  functions gradually starts to decrease. ExtraSensory Perception-ESP - Extrasensory perception is also called the sixth sense it includes receiving and sending information not gathered through the five senses but understood with the use of brain waves or energy. Telepathy is also a part of Extrasensory perception. Everybody possesses these  abilities and experience moments perception at some or the other time. With required training the ability can be further enhanced.  Quantum Speed Reading-QSR - Our training is so effective that every child in our class can Memorise over 30 random words in less that 4 minutes. Speed read and revise school book in 1/4 time. Identify colours, numbers, read books and much more with !!! CLOSED EYES !!! BLINDFOLDED !!!
Welcome, To a Life Changing Program
How wonderful will it be if children could Learn More in Less Time, Remember Easily, Be More Focused and Self Motivated.
Midbrain Activation - ExtraSensory Perception-ESP - Quantum Speed Reading-QSR
Mission-Values-Culture  Our values guide our actions and taken together with our actions, reveal who we are. It takes courage to innovate-in science, in  technology and in lives.  Everyone at Genius Kids is dedicated to make a profound difference in children’s lives and ensure a better future for them. Our mission is to enhance children performance and to promote a more abled and happy generation
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